What is the Impact of the LGBT Community Nowadays

Just like other communities, Europe has begun to learn on how to be more tolerable to the LGBT people. Many countries debate about the LGBT equality and rights hence embracing the recognition of LGBT community as legal. Quite a big reevaluation and rethinking of the values traditionally embraced is happening and the family concept is rapidly changing. Differences are no longer perceived as any threat but are now taken as a source of enrichment for the societies in Europe. However, the process has faced very many oppositions towards its manifestations.

The LGBT community has impacted both positively and negatively on societies. Some of the impacts include:

Economic impact


After the rights of the LGBT community and the straight people are equalized, the act has positively impacted on the society. This is because these individuals are now free to marry get children and raise them and are now under protection against hate and abuse which would to some point lead to money influx in the society’s economy and the stability of the community. Most countries would deny the LGBT people a chance of employment or housing despite them having a very clean record of the needed skills of tenancy requirements needed respectively or to even have a good travel.


With the equality, such abuse form is done away with and therefore, the LGBT community is now investing. The more you make someone feel like part of the second-class citizens, the less interested to invest they get.


Further pushing of bigotry


Bigotry is a behavior learned so as to be embraced. Bigotry means the act of having as well as expressing very unreasonable beliefs as well as not liking people who do not have the same beliefs as yours as per your way of life. Bigotry is practiced by bigots. Therefore, LGBTs will help in enhancing this behave hence shaping the society by treating everyone equally and hence embrace diversity instead of having the minor attacks and belittles.


Marriage problems


After marriage equality was passed and the LGBT people celebrated it as a very great victory, it is fact that marriage comes with several problematic consequences. However, there are substantial marriage benefits which are also now availed to the ones forming part of LGBT community though on capitalism. This means that the involved have to give up on things which are more radicalized in movement.


Also, a statement saying that the community has access to several flexible options and economic benefits despite of the citizenship status, sexual orientation, class, gender identity or race. Therefore, gay couples who conclude in marrying would be treated just like the straight people hence now are involved in the imposed restriction by the social reproduction. Some of the restrictions involve areas like the retirement security, inadequate health insurance systems, difficulties in accessing family leave and child care and nuclear family restrictions.


Social solidarity


The introduction of marriage equality has led to focus being shifted from maintaining of conventional social norms to the relationship between these individuals hence deemphasizing the obvious need of having broader solidarity socially. As gender and sexual diversity now become the new thing which is normal, solidarity ties which sustain persecuted and marginalized community are becoming looser.